Learn these negotiation techniques, winning the order is not a problem

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In foreign trade, building good relationships with clients is a technical skill. Sometimes, even when conversations with clients are going well, progress may be hindered. This could be due to communication issues. Here are some commonly used customer communication techniques for your reference:

Product Introduction
1. This machine not only boosts productivity by 30%, but also enables a single operator to perform tasks previously requiring three people.
2. Our products not only match the prices of other manufacturers but also excel in various aspects.
Advantages and Business Explanation
1. The quality of our products consistently matches the samples we provide. I assure you there will be no compromise in quality.
2. We can customize orders based on customer-provided samples, including specific designs, specifications, and packaging requirements.
Following your request, we are offering 1000 dozens of magnifiers at $30 per dozen, CIF San Francisco, for shipment in September.
Customer Negotiation
1. When you compare the quality of our goods with those from other countries, you'll find our prices very reasonable.
2. While our offer may seem a bit high, you will soon realize greater profits when market fluctuations stabilize.

1. I'd like to remind you that we will need to withdraw our offer if we don't receive a response by next Monday.
2. Our product is in high demand, and supply is limited. We recommend accepting this offer as soon as possible.
Packaging Introduction
1. Our packaging is robust enough to withstand handling and transportation under normal conditions.
2. Cartons will not be mixed with wooden cases during transport or storage, resulting in a lower breakage rate compared to wooden cases.
Shipping Notification
1. We are pleased to inform you that 100 dozen shirts under order KAB/2004 have been shipped via S.S. "Fengqing."
2. The shipment will be made in three equal monthly installments, starting from next month.
1. We regret to learn that the goods you received did not meet your expected quality.
2. We are willing to provide an 18% allowance on your next shipment to compensate for the loss.
Professional foreign trade involves not only conveying information but also leaving a positive impression when deals cannot be closed. This is what a professional salesperson should do.

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