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Development emails, as the most commonly used communication way in international trade, play a crucial role in establishing collaborations with potential clients.
Based on insights gathered from industry peers, it has come to our attention that the effectiveness of development emails is generally suboptimal. In many instances, responses are either scarce or the emails are outright ignored. So, what characteristics should a successful development email possess? Let's delve into the key elements.

Firstly, in the salutation of the development email, it is advisable to use friendly greetings such as Hi/Hello followed by the client's name. If the client's name is unknown, attempting to discern it from the email prefix is acceptable, but using formal salutations like Dear Sir/Madam is discouraged, as they convey a sense of mass communication.
Secondly, building trust through transparency about the source of client information is essential. Common expressions include " Referrer's name suggested I contact you," or "We met at the XXX fair in City/Country," or "Noticed you are in the market for Product," or "Glad to know you are in the XXX industry."
Next, clarify why you are reaching out. This constitutes the core content of the email, emphasizing what value you can bring to the recipient. Keep this section concise; if your company offers an extensive range of products, focus on introducing 1-2 best-selling items relevant to the client's region.
Given the diverse nature of industries and product lines, product value propositions differ. When highlighting product/service advantages, address commonly asked questions by previous clients.
Lastly, issue a call to action. For instance, inquire about the need for samples, propose a phone conversation, or express the desire for further communication. This step aims to prompt a response from the client, as engagement is vital for subsequent discussions.
A crucial point to note about development emails is to avoid mass sending. While mass emails may seem efficient, they often result in lower response rates and delivery rates.
Below are three development email templates:
Template One:
I'm XXX from ABC China. I hope this email finds you well.
We have been specializing in (Product) for 8 years and consistently exporting to European countries.
Feel free to contact us to explore our catalog for more details.
Best regards,
Template Two:
I'm XXX from ABC China.
Are you currently in search of a high-quality and durable dining room table? We have a set with 6 chairs made from reclaimed wood, priced at only USD 300!
Please see the attached picture for more details, and don't hesitate to reach out if you are interested.
Best regards,
Template Three:
Greetings! It's XXX from ABC China.
We specialize in providing various corporate gifts and would like to share some of our best-selling models with you.
Attached are some images (each image should not exceed 500KB) with our company logo and website for your reference.
These items can be customized, and we offer free design support.
Looking forward to your prompt response.
Best regards,
In today's era of inundated marketing emails, adopting a personalized approach targeting specific individuals or groups yields more precise and evident results.

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