Foreign trade tools: 5 tools help you achieve twice the result with half the effort

2024-01-05|132 views|Development skills

Every foreign trade professional has their own set of handy tools. The use of these tools can simplify work tasks, save time, and enhance efficiency, making foreign trade work more productive.
Below, we are sharing 5 tools that experienced foreign trade professionals use, and we believe they will be helpful for your foreign trade work.
- Website:

- This is a website that provides a collection of tools, including encryption, frontend development, text document processing, and conversion. One feature that stands out is the image processing functionality, which includes basic cropping, watermarking, and compression, as well as practical features like format conversion, background color change, and text-to-image conversion.

2. Time Zone
- Website:

- This website serves as a global time zone query tool. In addition to basic time queries, it also provides information on holidays for most countries and regions globally. However, it's important to note that due to cultural and religious differences, holiday dates and celebrations may vary. Therefore, it is advisable to consider local circumstances when using this tool.

3. Ministry of Commerce - Tariff and Tax Inquiry
- Website:

- This is an online platform provided by the Ministry of Commerce for querying tariffs and trade policies of various countries. Its advantages lie in its comprehensive and real-time information, and it is free to use.
Note: While the information is provided by the Ministry of Commerce, specific tariffs and trade policies may change for various reasons. Therefore, the information on this platform should be used as a reference. It is recommended to consult with trade advisors or legal professionals beforehand to ensure compliance with regulations.

4. AI Get Customers Tool
- Website:

- This is an automatic customer development tool. It automatically retrieves customer information from major social media platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram based on set keywords. It then consolidates various information and background check data to identify high-quality buyers for targeted development.
After acquiring customers, the AI tool can accurately identify key personnel by locking in the company domain name. It integrates various social media information to create detailed profiles containing customer names, social media accounts, and contact details. It then sends emails to these customers to achieve development goals.

5. Wordtracker
- Website:

- Wordtracker is a keyword research tool that not only provides related keyword recommendations but also offers insights into keyword competitiveness. Although Wordtracker is a paid tool, its features are sufficient for basic keyword queries.


Due to the characteristics of certain words, search volumes
and competitiveness may vary in different regions and industries. Therefore, using Google Trends in conjunction with Wordtracker can yield better results.

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