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New Year, New Atmosphere! Wishing everyone better performance in the new year.
As the assistant returns to the work, judging by the volume of queries from the backend, it's clear that everyone's enthusiasm for work is high. The assistant noticed that the most frequently asked questions still revolve around the topic of development emails. Since many friends are interested in this, the assistant consulted Oil, who conducted a live class on February 29th, to write this article on development email techniques. We hope it inspires you all.

Oil shared the following insights:
Various factors influence a customer's response upon seeing our development email. Learning the techniques of crafting such emails is to align with the customer's preferences and prompt them to reply. Understanding the purpose, let's delve into the practical tips.
Before writing or replying to emails, it's crucial to understand the customer's regional attributes and be familiar with time zones worldwide. Personally, I recommend sending the first development email 0.5-1 hour after the customer starts working and not on the first day after their rest, as the first day back to work tends to be busy.
Once the sending time is confirmed, we move on to crafting the subject. To capture the customer's attention, the subject should be concise, preferably allowing the recipient to understand the email content. Feel free to use symbols or keywords judiciously.
When writing the subject, avoid using sensitive words like price, promotion, etc. If it's a reply between old clients, try not to change the subject, making it easy for the client to identify the responder.
Here are some excellent subject templates for you to choose from:
1. To Mike: Hot Sale Hair Curler in Munich Beauty Forum
2. PIS Company: Nonwoven Material Rise in April.
3. Re: ABC Inc/Home Depot Vendor-Solar Light/DEF Co., Ltd. (Use with caution)
Once the subject is crafted, it's time to focus on the content. A common pitfall for many foreign trade professionals is the tendency to include all company products and advantages, hoping to generate more inquiries. However, inundating the client with information can be overwhelming. Therefore, it's advisable to avoid lengthy emails. Simply highlight the currently popular products and selling points in the email.
Patience is key when addressing customer queries. Rather than rushing to respond, take a moment to understand the customer's underlying intentions behind the question. This presents an opportunity to showcase your expertise. When quoting prices, don't immediately send quotes for all products. Inquire about the specific products the customer is interested in before providing a quote.
Include your contact information and social media details at the end of the email to make it easier for clients to reach out to you.
Additionally, development emails is a significant undertaking. Apart from the above, it's essential to consider:
1. Ensure that the email isn't flagged as spam, especially in the first email, by avoiding the use of images and links.
2. Opt for a format that combines text and images, with image sizes ideally between 600-800px.
3. Besides the mentioned sensitive words like price and promotion, other prohibited words include Check, Deal, Debt, Income, Insurance, Loan, Money, Mortgage, Rate, Profit, Save, Merchant, etc.
4. The credibility of the email address is crucial. A clean, record-free email server is the foundation for successful email delivery.
Lastly, here's a template for an excellent development email:
We are a China-based jeans manufacturer offering premium denim with low minimums, reasonable prices, and quick delivery.
Our Advantages:
1. Daily Output=100,000pcs, Rush Order in 3-4 days
2. Large Selection of In-Stock Styles for you to choose from.
3. FDA & SGS Approved
Our Clients: ABC, DEF, GHI…
Give us a try; you won't be disappointed.
Waiting for your specific inquiry soon.

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