5 Foreign Trade Tools to Get You One Step Closer to the Top Seller

2024-03-01|206 views|Development skills

In international trade, every salesperson tends to accumulate a set of practical tools to assist in their work. Some tools may have simple functionalities but undeniably save a considerable amount of time. In this edition, the editor has selected 5 tools that are particularly useful in international trade, hoping to provide some assistance to everyone's work.
1.  OEC
Website: https://oec.world
OEC is a powerful market research tool. With this tool, you can access bilateral trade data for over 200 countries and more than 1000 products. Utilizing OEC, you can conduct comprehensive market research for your products.

Operationally, the tool supports various filtering options such as country, year, and product. You can view various statistics and charts, including import/export values, growth rates, market shares, and more. By comparing trade rates and scales between different countries or regions, you can identify potential competitors or clients.

2.  Wenshushu
Website: https://www.wenshushu.cn
This is a file transfer tool that requires no additional account login. The tool supports various file transfer methods, allowing a maximum transfer of 5GB per session, with unlimited sessions and total size.
This is a tool I frequently use for transferring images and videos. Not only is the transfer speed fast, but the process is also relatively straightforward. Overall, it is highly praised by users.

3.  HScodetree
Website: https://www.hscodetree.com

This is a tool for querying HS codes. It can be used freely without the need for login. To use it, simply input the code or product keywords into the search box for an HS code query. The results are based on customs manifest databases from various countries, ensuring accuracy. Clicking on the respective code allows you to view trends in imports/exports, rankings of purchasers, and regional rankings.
HScodetree currently supports code information queries for 31 countries. The code classification section provides detailed information on relevant product codes, including all 6-digit codes and detailed introductions for coded products.

4.  Copy.ai
Website: www.copy.ai
This is an AI copywriting tool where you can generate English copy, ad copy, scripts, etc. The tool can be used without the need for a VPN. With this tool, you can easily handle email content and social media marketing copy. It is user-friendly, allowing for the creation of multiple pieces of content at once. I recommend accumulating various copies for convenient future use.
The tool offers a free trial for 7 days. After expiration, simply change your email and re-register. Similar tools in the market include ChatGPT (with a slight learning curve), Bing, and WenyixinYan (effectiveness to be confirmed).

5. Everything
As computer usage time increases, the number of files in the computer memory also grows. This makes searching for files quite troublesome. Everything is a file retrieval tool that far surpasses the speed of the built-in Windows search.
With a size of less than 3MB, it's a small tool with significant utility. The tool can be easily found online, so I won't provide the link here.
Learn and apply, tools are no exception. There are countless marketing tools emerging in international trade each year, and only through personal use can one determine their efficacy. The best tools are those that suit your own needs.

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