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When doing business, customer development is paramount. Traditional methods include using customs data, Google searches, trade shows, B2B platforms, and yellow pages. With the rise of social media, customer development channels have increasingly shifted to platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Today, we will focus on how to proactively develop customers through Facebook, hoping to provide you with some new ideas.

Utilizing Facebook Recommendations and Groups
To leverage Facebook’s recommendation feature, you first need to ensure that your account is a mature business account, and that most of your existing friends are customers related to your business. This way, the new friends Facebook recommends will meet your business needs. When adding new friends, you can also send a brief self-introduction and business information.
In addition to the recommendation feature, foreign trade professionals can add friends through groups they join. Here’s a suggested introduction when adding friends: "Hello, my name is ***, and I am from China. I am delighted to connect with you. I am a supplier of *** products in China, and our company specializes in ****. If you have any procurement needs in this area, please feel free to contact me at any time."
Avoid starting with who you are, what products you have, and how good your products are. This will only discourage customers from accepting your friend request.
Using Search Commands to Find Customers
While many are familiar with Google search commands, did you know that you can also use Google to search Facebook content? For example, you can use the following command to search for WhatsApp groups on Facebook: “led intext:(“”)”, where "led" can be replaced with any product you want to search for. For more precise results, you can use this command: “led intext:(“”) inurl:posts”.
Keyword Search
By searching for keywords related to your products, you can find potential customers. Try to use broad industry terms and avoid too many modifiers, as they can limit search results. Choose keywords based on your professional experience to more accurately find target customers.
For the results you find, you can further filter by friends, city, school, and work. The work filter only applies to users who have stated their current employer. Review the information of potential customers or their past posts, and if they seem like potential customers, send them a friend request.
Tips for Avoiding and Resolving Account Bans
If your account is frequently banned, consider these four aspects: IP environment, browser environment, page score, and community standards violations. The first two are harder to judge, so focus on the latter two.
For new pages less than a year old, a score below 2 will prevent you from placing ads. For pages over a year old, a score below 2 will increase display costs, and below 1 will pause ad placements. Scores mainly come from customer evaluations of product quality, service, and delivery speed.
To improve your score, clearly detail the products you sell, including images, videos, and size charts. Provide clear delivery times and logistics information on the purchase page, and offer a return and exchange policy. Follow up with customers who have purchased, inviting them to leave positive reviews with incentives like coupons.
Policy violations are a common reason for bans, but sometimes bans are mistaken. When banned, consider whether you engaged in the following: frequently adding friends, buying followers, likes, comments, posting violating content, having broken links, or incomplete account information.
Appeal Process
Send an appeal email to the administrator. Your appeal should be sincere, honest, and emphasize the importance of your account. Here’s a template:
Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my letter.
My name is XXX, and I am the administrator of the Facebook account (your.fbaccount) which has recently been flagged.
As a representative of a Foreign Trade Enterprise, our mission is to provide our customers with the best products and purchasing experiences. We are committed to producing high-quality content for Facebook users, which I believe aligns with Facebook’s goals.
I value Facebook immensely, as it is crucial for both personal communication with friends and professional interactions with business partners.
I have always adhered to Facebook’s policies and have never intentionally violated them. If there has been any infraction, it was entirely unintentional.
My email: (your email account)
I would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions you can provide regarding this matter.
Thank you and best regards,
XXX (Signature)

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