How should I mail my samples to make them more pleasing to my customers?

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Most of the final step of the negotiation will involve the issue of sending samples, the relevant notes on sending samples have been written before, you can "archaeology" if you have not read it.

In this issue, we will mainly talk about some details related to sending samples, if we can do a good job, it will help us to gain customers' trust and create a professional image. The details of sending samples can be roughly divided into the following aspects.
Attach business cards with samples
When sending samples to new customers, don't forget to attach at least 2 business cards with the samples. The advantage of attaching business cards is that when the customer suddenly forgets your information and fails to find your mail due to too many emails, the business cards can be a good reminder and a good way to find them.
Why do you need at least two? Because in addition to the one the customer keeps, most of them will give another one to their superiors or assistants, or colleagues who also need similar products. It is always a good idea to keep a few sheets.
Accompanying samples
A sample here is a brochure with product information. If the sample and courier costs are borne by you, you can send the sample with such a booklet, which will help to improve the customer's understanding of your other products and strive for more cooperation opportunities.
If the courier cost is paid by the customer, then you should seek the customer's consent in advance. If the customer pays the shipping fee and signs for the sample without knowing, and then finds out that the shipping fee paid includes the cost of the sample and the sample, it is likely to cause the customer's resentment.
Attach a quotation to the sample
When sending a sample to a customer, it is a good idea to include a quotation with the sample. The advantage of doing this is that the customer can see the specific product parameters and quotation against the quotation immediately after receiving the sample, instead of looking for our quotation from a pile of emails. This saves the customer's time and thus reaps the customer's goodwill.

Professional sample labels
Many times we are not the only one who sends samples to customers. In order to impress our customers after receiving the samples and avoid getting them wrong, we can send them with professional sample labels.
The form of the label varies depending on the product, but the general content information is sample name, sample parameters, FOB, recipient, and your contact information.
Sample packaging should be appropriate
When packing samples, pay attention to the size of the package, and if there is space available in the package, fill the spare space with cushioning to avoid damage to the goods in transit due to impact. I believe we all know these common sense matters.
But in addition, it should be noted that the upper and lower layers of the carton are each padded with a piece of cardboard before sealing the box. The advantage of doing this is that the customer receives the package and avoids scratching the contents of the box when opening it.
Special treatment for small samples
If we want to send small samples, we need to pack them in a very eye-catching way to prevent customers from missing them or throwing them away. For example, you can put the small sample in a plastic bag, and then put an envelope on the outside, and mark the sample information on the envelope with a marker.
In addition, when synchronizing the courier bill number, you can also make a special note in the mailbox to remind the customer and attach a photo of the sample.
Finally, although these details do not affect the final order, we do these mainly to open the gap with our peers and make customers feel different. When the difference of products is not obvious, the difference of people will be highlighted.

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