Couldn't find the customer Email? These six tools can help you

2022-11-04|125 views|Development skills

The importance of email for customer development is self-evident. There are many methods and tools for finding customer email online. But most operations are not suitable for novices. Today, I will focus on sharing some simple and easy ways to use tools to find customers' email.
First, Discoverly
Discoverly is a chrome plug-in that you can use to view the Linkedin and Facebook accounts and updates in the sidebar of the email you receive. For example, you can see the Facebook friends of someone you are connected to on LinkedIn. At the same time, the tool also summarizes all the social information of a potential customer on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social information can be viewed through the small sidebar on the right side of the email.

Second, Clearbit Connect
Clearbit Connect is a paid email address query tool. Although it is a paid tool, you can try it 40 times a month for free. Clearbit Connect can be used by company name and person name search. The accuracy of the result is OK. How many useful emails you can find 40 times depends on your own luck.

Third, Rocket reach
Rocket reach has the advantage of high accuracy. If the target customer's email is not verified, the tool also provides a guess of the email address in the format of customer name+company website domain name.

Fourth, customs data
You can find the corresponding company info by searching the company name or product keywords through customs data. In the advanced filtering tool on the left, select the "Include Email" option. In this way, the search results will all contain the company information of the mailbox.


Fifth, hunter
Hunter can obtain the relevant mailbox according to the domain name, and can also list which web pages contain the mailbox. Although the tool is paid, the free account can retrieve 150 domain names every month. This number is conscience among many tools.


Sixth, Email Hunting
Email Hunting can not only find the email of key person, but also find their social accounts of various channels. Through company name search, the system will automatically recommend the official website and company social homepage from the following channel sources for you, and mark the channel sources. Give priority to recommending the target company's real official website and employee's social account through AI recommendation algorithm.

This tool supports keywords search on google for multi countries and social media platforms. It accounts for 90% of the total network customer resources. It searches all target companies through product keywords, and matches the use of various command characters of Google to screen more accurate target companies.

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