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Whether it is developing customers or following up customers, email is a tool with high utilization rate. Although the use rate of email is high, most of the results are not satisfactory. There are many influencing factors, and the most influential factor is the content of the email. How can we write a qualified email?

To write a qualified email, you should first understand the problems? Here are cases study:
1.About the points we discuss,could you please share with us your ideas?
2.Please hope to support us ,thanks in advance.
3.Please could you share the sampling cost both of us?
4.I'm very sorry that we couldn't ship the goods before Jul.15th.Becasue the raw materials late and we sure will send to you on Jul.xx
Let's analyze them sentence by sentence. In the first sentence, we can find an obvious mistake is that there is no space after the comma, and the expression of the whole sentence is not a standard English expression. For example, the sentence About the points we discuss does not exist in the English language environment. Although customers can understand it, it will be easier to understand if we replace it with "Concerning our discussed issues".
The second sentence is "Please hope to support us". This sentence should mean "Please help to support us". Although there is only one word difference, the overall meaning is quite different.
The third sentence uses "both of us". Although the customer can understand the meaning you want to express, the syntax and logic of this sentence are wrong. We can change it to "Please share the sampling charge this time, because...".
We can notice that "because" is used in the modified statement. This is because we need to explain to the customer the reason why they want to share the cost of the sample. Is it because the sample fee is too high, or is it caused by some other reason? How else can we persuade the customer to agree to our requirements? If we can't even speak clearly, how can we get the customer to agree to your proposal?

In fact, I don't recommend you to use the "Please could you" sentence pattern in your email. This kind of question sentence pattern usually has a common problem. For example, when you are a supplier, you ask me "Can you cover some sample fees for me?", If I say "No", how do you continue the following dialogue. It is obvious that you have dug a trap for yourself, so we suggest that you should try not to use question sentences when you are unfamiliar with each other.
The fourth sentence, we can find that the spelling of "because" is wrong. At the same time, the "material" is an uncountable noun, and there is no need to add an s at the end of the word.
In addition, there are two grammatical errors in the whole sentence:
Error 1: Use "because the raw material late" to explain that the delivery was delayed due to the problem of raw materials. The expression is not standard. At the same time, there is a syntax error. There is no predicate verb.

Error 2. We can see that the subject after "and" is "we", but the subject before "and" is raw materials. This will make the customer have ambiguity and do not know what you want to express. Let's look at the revised sentence: "I'm very sorry that we could not ship the goods before Jul.15th, because of the late in place of raw material We are sure they will be shipped around xxx".
Although the customer knows the meaning of the above cases, this kind of email can not surprise the customers. Although it is difficult to surprise customers with  emails, it is relatively easy to avoid grammar and spelling errors. If you want to write an email that will surprise customers, the key is to read, learn and remember more.

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