How to solve the problem that customers do not reply to emails?

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Some time ago, I developed a customer in India  through 52wmb. The customer has a certain scale in the local. Although colleagues have been following up for more than 1 month, but never got a reply, so they ask me to have a try.

In fact, we all know that large customers are bound to have countless alternative suppliers waiting, and it is very difficult to win this opportunity, but it is not completely out of the question. The point is to learn to find a breakthrough.
I briefly analyzed our strengths and weaknesses and felt unable to start with the product side. Because the suppliers of big buyers, who are more professional than us. I think I can't attract customers through a simple email or a few emails. So I decided to play the emotional card, lower my posture, and just tell the professional things clearly.
When I conceived the first email, I used a plain text format without pictures and attachments to see if I could impress the customer with this email. I wrote it like this.
I believe your projects shouldn’t just be a slam dunk for massive manufacturers, but an opportunity for the underdogs, too.
That’s why I’m still trying to contact you to make quotes and sampling for Car aluminum light.
And to sweeten the pot, I’m okay to accept the trial order with low MOQ. I will also send you some more files- our catalogue, price list, testing report, etc- in separate emails.
Kindly contact me for any further questions.
Best regards,
First of all, in the first paragraph, we first blow each other up a bit, and play a little emotional card to close the relationship with the customer. Secondly, we state the purpose. The advantage of doing this is to let the customer understand the purpose of your email, so as to attract the customer to read on.
In the third paragraph, I added some professional guidance, which is to show the client our professional competence. Increase the leverage and entice the client to read on. Finally, just wrap it up without too much nonsense, just keep the basic attitude and manners.
Shortly after this email was sent, a reply was received that
Do you only make stainless steel?
You do plating on stainless steel?
Can you also give me your price list?
This is a good start, and we won't have too many problems later on as long as we continue to follow up on this idea.

For customers who did not respond to the offer, I followed up like this.
1. routine follow-up, asking customers for their views on prices, remember to keep it short. For example
Can you please let us have your comments on the offer we sent on +月日?
2.If the customer continues not to respond: 
May I know if you get my offer on+date?I am attaching again herewith the offer for your reference. Hope to get your feedback soon.
3.If the customer continues to not respond, stay persistent. Use the expiration date of the offer to say something. Friendly reminder on the validity date. Can you please further advise if the price is workable for you? Price will be invalid on+时间
4. If the customers keep quiet. Send the latest product/promotional brochures, the latest shipping record photos, size should be controlled within 1MB / catalog within 3MB.
Here is our newest model which will be in the market soon. 或Just shipped  1 container to your country and please see some photos for your reference. Any news from you?
5.Can develop hall sample photos and say, "Well organized showing room and free samples are ready for your quality checking." or "Busy at the ** fair these day. Do you have any purchase plan?"
6. For potential or larger purchasers, you can take the initiative to offer free samples.   

7. Try to find out the Facebook or Instagram of your customers, follow them on it, and interact with them from the internet.
8. Express directly: Much appreciated if you can further offer some comments. Then I can know if you still get interested in our products. Otherwise I will stop to bother you.
This is very unpopular with customers, but when they need it at a certain time, that's your chance.

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