How to do the inquiry response will not be stonewall?

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In the foreign trade business, it is inevitable to involve inquiry and quotation. Some customers doesn't give a reply after we have quoted a price.
At this point have you ever wondered what causes it? Today I'll take a look at it.

First, we need to understand the reasons why customers do not reply. Here I summarize as the following points.
1. Scammers, phishing inquiries. This type of inquiry is common. The company information in these inquiries is generally incomplete, the contact information is also vague, and the inquiry is also relatively simple. If you encounter this type of situation, you must be careful to prevent falling into the trap of scammers.
2.The customer has already found a suitable supplier. Generally, when customers are looking for suppliers, they use the "mass" form, sending inquiries to multiple suppliers at once, and then find the right supplier from these responses. Customers do not reply to you, may have found a suitable supplier.
3.The customer does not know how to reply to your inquiry. This type of customers are generally not long as a buyer, not familiar with the procurement process, do not know how to reply.  

4. The customer did not get the answer he wanted from your inquiry.
1-3 of these points have little to do with us, but the fourth point is the main thing I want to share today, which is also the focus of our response to customer inquiries to enhance the aspects. Then how to do it?
Sell Facemask(CE,ISO,FDA,BFE);Surprise-Facemask;Facemask(CE,FDA,BFE)---USD10.00

First of all, the title should be attractive, and strive to catch the customer's eye at the first time. My suggestion is that if we can determine the identity of the customer, we can spend some time to do research on the customer appropriately, so as to write a targeted title. For example: Sell Facemask (CE, ISO, FDA, BFE); Surprise-Facemask; Facemask (CE, FDA, BFE) --- USD10.00
Then, the company introduction in the body of the email is essential, but it should be made short. The main text should highlight the performance of the company's products and some of the certifications they have. If you have cooperated with famous enterprises in the industry before, you can also write it in the body, which can increase the chance of cooperation.
Don't rush to quote at the beginning, but understand the customer's needs first, and then analyze them reasonably before making a prudent quote!

You can also use pictures to quote, send pictures of each product to the guests. The simpler the customers who do not know how to communicate in English, the easier it is for them to understand!

Finally, it is to set the reply template. This template is not just sent at random and it is summarized after you have mastered a certain rule of customer response. Do not reply in the same way! You can set a simple, easy to understand and combination with picture of the reply template.

At the same time, some tips for replying can also gain the goodwill of customers, which can increase the success rate. For example:

Language: If the customer is in a small language region, learn to use the native language on the quotation that will make the customer feel your sincerity and gain an advantage.

Pictures: Use pictures in the quotation, product photos and packaging photos will make the quotation more image and vivid,  which is intuitive to convey product information to customers.

Focus on marking the points that the customer cares about: bold the points that the customer cares about in the remark section to show that we are clear about his needs and can meet them.

List other complete information: some information customers may not notice, so we have to list complete information, such as expiration date, freight, payment, delivery time, installation, packaging, warranty and all other useful reference information to leave a good impression on.

Showing successful cases: List customer-related projects to show the presentation, you can show their previous successful cases to win the trust of customers.

This will leave a good impression in the customer's mind even if they don't get an order in the end and lay the foundation for the subsequent cooperation. Foreign trade marketing is the expensive insistence, as long as we insist on doing a good job, the orders naturally come to fruition.

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