How to write the first follow-up email after the exhibition?

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With the liberalization after the epidemic, the exhibition will also return to the vision of foreign trade people. Although there are many drawbacks of the exhibition, but it still is an indispensable channel for foreign trade enterprises to gain customers.

Some foreign traders have not participated in the exhibition for three years. Today, I will take you to recall the skills related to writing the first marketing email after the exhibition and hope it can give you some ideas.
First of all, let's think about the purpose of writing this email. I summarize for the following 3 aspects: to establish a direct impression, to implement specific matters, and to pave the way for follow-up marketing.
Let's start with the first purpose: to establish an immediate impression
Any buyer who comes to a trade show is unlikely to see only one suppliers. Most buyers come to an exhibition and try to communicate with as many suppliers as possible. When customers meet many suppliers and see many products, their memory of the suppliers is rather fuzzy when they go back.
Our goal in sending this email is to enable our customers to recall us and label us to create an immediate impression. The advantage of the email is that whether you are eating, drinking, or walking, if it appears in front of you once, it is the same as reminding you once and memory reinforcement once. The headline attracts you to open the email is once and the content attracts to impress you is another time. Anyway, it's all about building direct impressions.
And then the second purpose: to implement specific matters
In fact, writing emails and writing articles are similar, in which should have a main idea and be delivered with value. This will attract customers'interest and lead them to place orders.
And what kind of content can arouse the interest of customers?
What customers are interested in is actually the part we talk about in the exhibition. The content has a topic, the topic has to interact in order to go on, it is possible to establish a partnership, it is possible to earn money. this is a chain of interlocking, close to the inseparable.

This third purpose: paving the way for follow-up marketing
No one can eat into a fat person in one breath, doing business is also the same. To know how to win in a steady manner and to gain the trust of customers step by step. Anxious will only be self-confusion. Besides, it is impossible to make customers place orders through an email.
So the purpose of our first email is to pave the way for the subsequent communication and cooperation. So the first email is mainly to do a good job of leading, don't let the first email block the way.
According to the above ideas, I share an email template here.
Custom Led Light Project ( Roy From HANNOVER MESSE Meeting Today )
main content:
Hi *******,
Nice evening.
This is Roy, from XX company which you met today. See below our photo on booth.
About your interested Led light, see data sheet and pictures in attachment. The best price will be provided once get your quantity.
More requirements, just inform or visit us.
(Signature + Photo)
The title of the email is a good indication of the main idea, and the content in brackets is a reminder,which leads the customer to open the email. The first three paragraphs of the main content are also reminders to make the customer recall the scene. In addition to the text, it is more direct to use the photo of the group to help the customer recall and close the sense of distance.
After letting the customer remember you, it is based on the progress you talked about with the customer at the meeting to write on it. For example: what was talked about at the exhibition as long as the offer, you will send a quotation; if you already want to confirm the sample, you will say the sample; if it is an order, you will say the order. Then remind the customer to reply.
This way a complete trade show email is written. The email is not long, but contains all the details you can think of. This is a good email, and it is also an email that customers like to read. Then the response rate is naturally high.

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