In this way, customer background investigation can clearly get customer information

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Foreign trade people want to know their customers, that background investigation is essential, but also can not let the customer perceive. How to collect information without alerting the customer?
Experienced foreign trade people will carry out a fuzzy search through keywords, e-mail, etc., and then stitched the fragmented information together to analyze the valuable content. As the information on the Internet is chaotic, if there is no clearly plan to search will only waste a lot of time. The following I will share you how to standardize the background investigation of customers.
1.Email verification
First, look at the email suffix. If the customer uses Gmail suffix, then we can open Google and search "" as the keyword. In this way, try to see if you can find their company information and the contact information of the people involved. If so, put this information into the search field and search again.

If no useful information is found through the above methods, we can put the mailbox into Skype to see if there is this one.
If the customer's email is a corporate email like, then we can try to use to find the customer's website, and then understand the basic information of the company,product type and price information.
2. Social media verification
After we get the customer's company name, we can further search for their information through Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and other social media platforms.

Especially on the LinkedIn platform, you can get the company's employee information and upstream and downstream business partner information.

3. Webmaster Tools
Through the whois query of this tool, understand the website history of the customer's domain name. At the same time, you can also check the phone number, address, email, etc of the relevant registrant, judge the establishment time of the other party's company, and check other domain names under the registrant's , so as to fully understand the company's status.

4. Wayback Machine
This is a tool for retracing the history of a website. If you want to know when a customer entered the business, whether they have changed products during the period, etc., you can use this tool to find out. The tool can roughly understand the changes of the website in a certain period of time in units of years.

This is a tool to check the customer's website visits, website ranking, visitor source, and geographical distribution. By viewing this information, you can understand the strength of the company, understand the audience of website users, and pave the way for our product promotion.

6. Customs data
Customs data is an indispensable tool for background checks. By analyzing its trade data, you can understand its procurement volume, frequency, and price to formulate a more targeted customer development strategy. In addition to doing background checks, customs data can also be used to investigate competitors, do industry analysis, and develop customers,etc.

7. Google Maps
If your potential customers are relatively large and you want to see the real scene, you can use Google Maps to search for the customer's location according to the address on the official website, and you will find Newland.
Some customers' official websites will provide store addresses. At this time, we can use the "Street View" function of Google Maps to understand the surrounding business environment and analyze its customer groups, so as to make targeted development.
Finally, tools serve our sales process, and all surveys are for targeted customer development. If you want to gain customers' favor and achieve sales goals, you still have to go back to the sales process itself.

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