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As a tool that is frequently used in foreign trade, the importance os email is no doubt. If the emails written by a foreign trade salesman are good enough, they will be more likely to win the favor of customers.

Is good content enough? No matter how good the content is, it's useless if customers don't open your email after seeing the subject. So how to write the title of the email well?
Email subject for holiday notification
Before the holiday, as a salesperson or merchandiser, you need to write an email to the customer to inform the company when the holiday will start and when it will end, so that the customer can make plans in advance. Generally, the subject format of this kind of email is holiday name + Holiday Notice, or add from + company abbreviation + your English name.
For example, CNY Holiday Notice from XXX
National Day Holiday Notice
Email subject for daily communication
For this kind of emails, many foreign trade personnel have their own standards for writing follow-up emails and  are already familiar with what kind of emails to use at each stage. Although it can save a lot of energy, it will make customers tired after a long time, which will lead to a decrease in the open rate.
I does not advocate this kind of subject and emails. For the subject, here is a scrolling way of writing.
For example, if a customer inquires about the price of your Raincoat product, then you can use Re:Raincoat Offer-20220216 in the reply, which is a form of reply to the customer's inquiry to achieve an interactive effect.
For example, if a customer inquires about the price of your Raincoat product, then you can use Re:Raincoat Offer-20220216 in the reply, which is a form of reply to achieve an interactive effect.
In this way, when customers see the title, they can quickly understand the outline of the email and save their time. It will also make him feel that you are paying attention. Of course, many salesmen are using this method when sending development letters. My suggestion is to use it with caution, because it will make customers feel fooled and refuse to receive your email.
promotional email subject
If the factory has any promotional activities or new product releases recently, you need to write an email to inform the customers, using the red exclamation mark to remind the customer to check it in the subject.

However, it should be noted that for new customers who have not had any email correspondence, such titles should be used with caution. Because these customers will think it is a virus email and dare not open it.
Commonly used titles are as follows:
Hurry Up. Grab at least 50% off on+product
Hello+customer name,order now and get big discount
Email subject for exhibition invitation
If your factory wants to participate in the exhibition, after confirming the address of the exhibition booth, you need to write an email to the customer in advance to inform the customer of the exhibition information. The format of the title of this column is, "Please visit our stand + booth + exhibition name + participating country/region name".
Some salesmen write exhibition emails with the subject line: Will you come to Canton Fair? or Welcome to XXX (company name) in the furniture fair. If the customer doesn’t have time to open your email or the customer thinks it’s spam , even if the guests will attend the Canton Fair, they will not reply to you. As for the second title of Top Furniture, although the company name is written, there is no booth address, which is also a relatively unsuccessful email subject.
In the end, mail is just a stepping stone to our products, and the important thing is to return to our product quality and service.

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