Have you not used these 7 social media marketing tools,which has been collected by many foreign traders?

2023-02-24|357 views|Development skills

Many foreign trade workers are very busy every day, but do not know what has been done, and feel that the work is very boring. This is actually due to the fact that you spend too much time on meaningless things, which leads you can not be interested in your current work,but this part of the work has to do.
Is there any tool that can replace this part of the repetitive work? The answer is yes. Today I would like to recommend some practical tools for marketing, I hope it can help you.

This tool is a social media search and analysis platform that searches the Internet in real time for user-generated content, including blogs, comments, bookmarks, news, videos, tweets and so on. More than a hundred social media are traced, including the mainstream Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google +, etc.
It is not necessary to use the product name when searching, but can also be industry categories or industry-related terms, etc.. This tool is more helpful for some people who do foreign trade marketing promotion. Because you can use it to quickly find the industry / product-related keywords to discuss the source, while you can view the discussion of specific social media related topics.
No matter what type of posts you make on social media, adding some Hashtag appropriately is a great way to increase the exposure of your posts and achieve the effect of driving traffic.

When we enter a keyword in the search bar, the tool will automatically generate 10 relevant keywords. The tool also supports setting the country, the topics or words you want to avoid, so that the generated keywords are more precise.
meta hashtags
Website: https://metahashtags.com/
The tool focuses on Instagram hashtag search, by entering keywords you can find posts on ins with related hashtags. Of course, you can also find target customers by changing keywords, and there are many related games to explore.

The tool is primarily a data analysis tool for Instagram. While the tool is paid, the free version allows for audience analysis and content effectiveness analysis.

The paid version has a bit more authority and features include: competitive product detection, hashtag detection, product trend analysis, etc. If you are doing cross-border e-commerce products and pay much attention to IG operation, this tool will be very suitable for you.
This is a social media scheduling tool, which is designed for companies that do not have a dedicated social media operations team, or foreign trade workers are busy with their own work and are difficult to do daily posting. Later can help you post and manage your content more easily and efficiently.

Later can connect to one account on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest without paying, and set your own posting date and time.
Although the free version can only schedule 30 tweets per month, but for non-brand promotion, it is enough for use. It should be noted that the free version has a limitation that only a single image can be scheduled.

This is a news and information website. The site brings together news and information from around the world, covering not only major or breaking news from various countries, but also business, technology, sports, travel, movies and more.
Foreign trade people in addition to talking to customers about work, daily chat is also very necessary, and these news information can be exactly as the topic of communication.

When we want to forward the link to the customer, or want to insert a video link in the post, if the URL is very long, it will affect the aesthetics.
This is where Picsee can help you, it can generate QR codes in addition to short links. When we log in the URL, we can edit more content.

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