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Sending samples is a common thing in our work. Usually, when the negotiations are in the final stage, the customer will ask the seller to send samples in order to further confirm the quality of the product.

But many foreign traders feedback: "After sending samples, the customer inexplicably disappeared. Even if some customers reply, but also is indifferent". Therefore, many foreign traders are afraid to send samples. But sending samples is one of the more important means of foreign trade work to attract customers to place orders, so you can not directly refuse customers.  Since we can not refuse that we need to understand why customers will disappear? And how to reduce it?
Reasons why customers disappear
First of all, it is normal for customers to disappear for some time after sending samples. Because the sample logistics needs some time, and the customer also needs some testing time after receiving the sample, so we might be patient for some more time. Of course, the waiting time should not be too long, and it can be controlled to follow up after 3-5 working days after the sample is signed by the customer.
If you find that the customer has disappeared during the follow-up process, don't panic and determine the reason why the customer disappeared.
Generally speaking, the customer "disappears" in the following cases.

1.The customers are not the end customer, they still need to send the sample to the end customer again for confirmation, and will reply only after getting reply.

2.The sample is different from the product the customer wants (quality, style, packaging), so the customer ignores you.

3.Samples need to be tested. Some customers have high requirements for the product, then they will spend some time on the relevant testing or certification, so they do not reply.

4. They has found a suitable supplier, no longer need to purchase the product.

5.Satisfied with the sample, but not satisfied with other aspects (price, payment method, etc.), waiting for you to propose a new program.
How to break the deadlock
To avoid deadlock, follow-up steps are very important. For example: send an email to customers to confirm the order before sending the sample; send an email to customers after sending the sample to inform them the dispatch time, shipping order number and estimated arrival time; synchronize the logistics information to customers in real time while the sample is in transit; confirm the signed information to customers after the sample is signed and inform them that they can contact you if there is any problem with the product.

With this set of process follow-up, you can also basically determine the type of customer. If you can determine the type of customer is 1th or 3rd case, do not follow up so tightly, and wait for the end customer or test results out, then the customer will naturally contact you.
The following is the template for follow-up after sending samples
Email template after sending samples.

Dear xxx,
After sample sent, I did not get in touch with you these days?Everything is ok there?
We sincerely look forward to your reply.
Post-signature email template.

Dear xxx,We guess that you should have received the sample sent by us by **, and we trust that you will agree with the quality. The products are very popular in ** market. Attached are the shipping documents and customer feedback for your reference. If you are worried about the business in your market, we can accept a small order to help you with your market test.  

In short, don't panic when you encounter a situation where a customer doesn't reply. Have plenty of patience with customers and we should keep a good mind to follow up continuously.

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