If we can't agree with the customers on the payment method, can we only compromise?

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As a very important part of foreign trade negotiations, the payment method often causes various troubles. In many cases, the sample is approved and the price is negotiated, but in the end the negotiation gets stuck on the payment method.

For example, you accept T/T and L/C at sight, but the customer wants 0/A 45 days. So you can't reach an agreement. Faced with such unreasonable payment requirements, what should you do?
The first thing you should do is to make a background check on the new customer, understand the buyer's situation, and decide the content of the follow-up negotiation. In the end, even if you stick to your original payment method, don’t use excuses like “According to our company rule/ regulation.” to oppress customers. You can try to use some more euphemistic words to talk to customers.
Such as:
1.It's our pleasure to work with you. Please understand that we need to take the cash flow into the consideration / consider our cash flow/ consider the turnover of the capital.
2.The raw materials have been out of stock. We need to get your advance payment so we can order the materials for production.
3.We really want to work with you but it’s very hard for us to accept O/A 45 days. As first cooperation, it will be absolutely rejected by our financial department.
4.Please allow me to report to our director and see how we adjust to meet your requirement. (In this payment method, express that you are not the decision maker to prevent customers from being aggressive.)
5.Upon confirmation of your payment, we will proceed with your order immediately.(When the customer sends a water bill, make it clear to him that the production will not start until the payment arrives.)  

Of course, this is not to say "no", we can get customers to agree to our payment method through some other points. For example: If you agree with our payment method, we can give a little discount on the product price or can give you some products or something. Through this exchange method, both parties can reach a consensus.

When negotiating, remember not to be too fixed on the payment method, because the cooperation is mutual. Sometimes we can look at the problem from the standpoint of the customer. If you hold all the money, he will lose the initiative. However, if the deposit is small, for example, only a symbolic 5% deposit is collected, which means little to you. The meaning of negotiation is to find the point that both of us can accept.
If you simply don't want to take the risk, the payment method is not what you have to worry about. Because you can completely transfer the risk to Sinosure. If the customer defaults after you have made a credit guarantee, you can seek compensation from the insurance company, and the insurance company will bear your losses.
In this case, you can talk to the customer if he wants to do a letter of credit or DP because of concerns about the deposit. we can do credit guarantee.
In short, negotiation is a process of building trust between each other. For new customers, especially those who have no trading experience, they always have various concerns before placing an order. What we have to do is to resolve their concerns and let them build trust with your company, so that the final cooperation can be established.

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