The Canton Fair is here, have you done all the preparations before it?

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The offline Canton Fair has been restarted after 3 years. Are all foreign trade partners ready to accept this challenge?
It doesn't matter if you are not ready, this article will take you to make up for it and see if you have missed anything.

Invite customers to exhibit
If you will participate in the exhibition and want to invite customers to participate, you should try to send the invitation letter about one month in advance. At the same time, tell customers the specific exhibition time, exhibition hall, your contact information, exhibiting products, hotels, preferential policies, etc.
Prepare relevant product knowledge
Most of the salesmen have not participated in the exhibition for 3 years, and it is inevitable that there will be tension when communicating with foreign businessmen. In order to prevent us from making mistakes due to nervousness, we can prepare relevant product knowledge in advance, especially for foreign trade newcomers. The prepared content includes: parameters and prices of related products for the exhibition; questions and answers that customers may ask; recent product raw material prices and trends; printed product information, certificates, quality inspection reports, etc.
Make good use of mobile phones
Install some necessary communication software before the exhibition, such as: WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Facebook, etc. In this way, you can directly add customer contact information to facilitate subsequent contact.
In the introduction, in order to make us more convincing, we can take some photos of products, factory production and office environment in advance, and we can also record some videos. It is best to have your own picture appear in the photo or video.
Appropriately clear a part of the phone's memory for taking pictures, and these photos will be of great use in follow-up.
Display your company's products and contact info in a prominent position
Many customers will be very excited because they come to China for the first time. Many customers like to share their lives very much. At this time, they will share some interesting photos on their private blogs or social media. This is also a rare opportunity to expand customers.

In addition, by making good use of the QR code, you can make the company's official website or your own contact information into a QR code, so that customers can directly scan the code to obtain relevant information.
Prepare a stapler and a thick notepad
A stapler can organize a lot of information together and avoid confusing customer information. The advantage of doing so is also convenient for our follow-up later.
The function of the notepad is to record every concern that the customer talked about. Don't be too stingy when recording, and leave a few pages for each customer. Take notes while talking with customers. The advantage of this is that it is conducive to the follow-up of customers, and on the other hand, it will also make customers feel respected.
Don't be greedy
There are not many people for many companies to participate in the exhibition. When there are too many customers, it will be too busy. At this time, we must be careful not to entertain several customers together, otherwise every customer may not be served well. When there are many visitors, you can give it a sample, let him browse first, and then tell him to wait a moment, there is a guest here who needs to be entertained. This will not make customers feel left out, but will be willing to wait for you because of the popularity of your booth.
In addition, I think there are some things that must be understood, such as the layout of the exhibition, entrances and exits, dining areas, toilets, etc. If a customer asks, we can guide them to find it, which is a way to gain customer favor.

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