To improve the efficiency of global trade work, these 8 tools are indispensable

2023-04-27|154 views|Development skills

Being a global trade salesman is not an easy job. In addition to the basic global trade knowledge, you also need to have many skills: finding customers, writing emails, making pictures, making quotations, business negotiations.....
It is obviously difficult to complete so much work with quality and quantity, but it has to be done. Many sales will find some tools to improve their work efficiency. What tools can help us do more with less? Let's take a look today.
Production tools
This is a design platform suitable for novices. In addition to making posters and social media illustrations, the platform can also make presentations, infographics, small videos, etc.

The website has a variety of templates, and the operation is very simple. The salesperson only needs to select the corresponding template and modify the text and content inside.
This is an automatic image cutout tool. You only need to upload the photo you want to subtract, and it will help you cut out a picture with a transparent background with one click,which is a fool-like operation. At the same time, the background can be adjusted to synthesize new pictures through the editing function of the website. The website also supports the function of uploading the background by itself. Use it with Canva to double the experience.

Speech Translator
Google Translate
This tool should be familiar to everyone, and most foreign traders should have used it. Support more than 100 languages, there are web version and app version. Most foreign traders may just use the text translation. In fact, Google Translate's voice and picture translation are also very good.

This tool is the one I use more often now. The advantage of the tool is that the translated content is in line with the domestic language habits. Currently, only 23 languages are supported.

In addition to text translation, the tool also supports translation of pdf, word, and ppt. The tool also has a grammar verification function, and the emails can be copied into the tool for verification.
Container Loading Calculation Tool
When doing international trade, customers will ask salesmen to provide them with loading data, so as to facilitate them to calculate shipping costs. If the company is equipped with a shipping department, it’s okay, but if it’s a small company or soho, you need to convert it yourself, so you can’t do without the Container Loading Calculation Tool.
Although the platform is an international logistics service provider, there are some very useful gadgets in it. Container Loading Calculation Tool is one of the free functions, and the operation is also very simple. You only need to input the product name, length, width, height, weight and quantity to help you calculate the container size.

Other niche tools

Slang Dictionary
This is a slang word site. Simply put, slang is words similar to dialects, not official words. The site provides over 17,000 slang words. The usage scenario is communication with customers from non-English-speaking countries. It is interesting to read it when you have time.

Js Amazon product selection tool
This is a good tool for small partners who are Amazon stores. The JS Amazon product selection tool can help you find keywords with high demand and low competition. It can also help you identify changing trends and screen opportunities to find products with the greatest potential for profit on Amazon. At the same time, it helps you compare each product opportunity and evaluate the potential of the product through product research filtering and profit calculation.

This is a free social media tool that I use frequently. The tool is also very simple to use. You only need to enter keywords in the input box and select the social media platform you want to get content from. Such as: Instargam, twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

In this way, we can obtain some valuable tags or keywords suitable for our products or industry posts from major mainstream social media platforms. At the same time, through this tool, you can quickly find the content published by the target brand on social platforms, or find potential target customers through some keywords.

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