These 5 skills make you become a master of foreign trade customer follow-up

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Follow-up is an important task in foreign trade negotiations, and its purpose is to close the relationship with customers through follow-up and obtain orders. Although it sounds easier, many foreign traders actually do not do it well. Today, the editor will share with you 5 follow-up techniques, hoping to bring you ideas.

Skill 1. Pay attention to timeliness
This timeliness refers to the time of reply, to ensure that you can reply to the customer as soon as possible. Whether it is a quotation, sample confirmation, or a customer's question, we must reply to the other party as soon as possible.
Don't deliberately not reply to customers just to show that you have a lot of orders. Opportunities are often lost in this way. You must know that opportunities wait for no one. In many cases, even if there is no opportunity, we can create opportunities through our efficiency and professionalism.
Skill 2. Stop Arguing
Some friends may wonder if the customer is wrong, and we can't correct him?
In fact, it is okay to offer professional opinions, but do not make decisions for clients, because many clients have their own opinions. When a customer makes a mistake, you can speak your mind, but you must pay attention to your wording to avoid causing discomfort to the customer. In the actual scene, it can be answered like this “We really haven't considered the issues you mentioned in the past, so could you allow me to go back and look into them with my colleagues?; For this other case, our conventional solution is this,Can you give me some time to explain it to you?”
Skill 3. Stop guessing
Many salesmen like to speculate on customers' thoughts, such as: whether the inquiry is real, whether the customer wants to buy, whether the competitor is cheating the price, whether the customer is trying to cheat the sample, etc.
If you have the same problem, please stop your endless guessing, because there is no way to guess the customer's intention. Is the customer who wrote a detailed inquiry or determined the target product a real customer?

The answer is uncertain. In this case, it is better to do your job step by step. It's like opening a store, when customers come to buy things, no matter whether the other party buys or not, we must maintain good service. In this case, it is better to stop your own internal friction and do a good job of service.
Skill 4. Demonstrate professionalism
Today's product homogeneity is extremely serious. In many cases, our products are not much different from those of our competitors. Related supporting services are also the key to winning customers.
Show your professional knowledge to customers, let them feel that you understand, your company is very professional, and you are an expert in this industry, so that customers are interested in chatting with you.
How to demonstrate professionalism? We can get inspiration from the customized content of past customers, such as: appropriate suggestions on product packaging, product colors or logos, etc. Of course, it is better to adopt these suggestions, and it does not matter if you do not adopt them, as long as your suggestions are reasonable and constructive, he will feel that you are very powerful.
After such an initial impression is established, it will be easier to follow up later.
Skill 5. clear
Being organized is not only reflected in the communication with customers, but also in writing emails, handling things, etc. If you can make the customer feel that you are very organized, then he will be relaxed subjectively, and he doesn't have to worry about whether you can't do this well or make a mess. Only when customers feel at ease can you get orders more easily.
That's the gist of all the follow up. Although we can't do everything, we do our best. Believe that hard work will pay off.

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