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2023-08-04|246 views|Development skills

In the foreign trade industry, Google Chrome is undoubtedly an essential tool. Apart from its search capabilities, the extension plugins are also significant reasons why many foreign traders prefer it.

Today, I will share with you these 7 Google Chrome extension tools, including customer information collection, website analysis, language translation, and advanced search queries. I believe these tools will be helpful for all of you in your future foreign trade work. Let's begin our sharing now.  

1. Hunter
This plugin is likely familiar to many experienced foreign traders. In our daily work, we often need to visit various customer websites to find their contact information. However, this process can be time-consuming and inefficient.

Hunter can effectively solve this problem. When we visit a customer's website, we only need to click on the plugin, and it will automatically collect all the contact information of individuals on the website, including names, email addresses, and more. This way, we can spend more time on developing customers.

2. ClearBit
If you only have a customer's email address and want to obtain additional information about them, the ClearBit plugin can help you with that. With a single click, ClearBit automatically searches for information about the contact in your Gmail, such as phone numbers, addresses, and social media accounts. The search results are displayed in an information box on the right side of your Gmail page. Clicking on the social media icons allows you to directly navigate to the user's social media profile. ClearBit's email lookup feature is completely free to use.

3. Similarweb
Similarweb is a website data analysis plugin. Through this tool, we can gain insights into our competitors' website traffic and its distribution across different regions. With this information, we can better understand our competitors' business situation and make more informed decisions.

4. Grammarly
Do you ever encounter small errors while writing development emails, such as missing an apostrophe or writing "a" instead of "e"? These mistakes can be inconvenient for communication and may even raise questions about your professionalism. To avoid such incidents, we can use Grammarly to review the text before sending emails to clients, thereby minimizing errors.

5. Overload Search
There are many Google search syntaxes available online, but it's challenging to remember all of them, and searching for them each time can be quite bothersome. Overload Search can help us with this issue. Regardless of how complex and diverse the search syntax is, we can directly perform advanced searches by combining specific conditions.

6. RoboForm
RoboForm is a password-saving plugin that allows you to save web pages during the registration or login process. This way, you can log in with a single click next time, without the hassle of repeatedly entering passwords.

7. Evernote Web Clipper
When browsing websites using Google Chrome, if you come across an excellent article but don't have time to read it, the best approach is to save it. Evernote Web Clipper can help you with this functionality. This plugin allows you to save various types of web content and graphics, organizing them neatly in the tool, making it easy for you to find and review them later on.

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