Writing the subject of the development letter like this makes it easier for customers to open it

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The Importance of Emails in International Trade is self-evident. As a competent foreign trader, if you want to make a mark in international trade, writing effective emails is fundamental.

Whether your clients will open your emails is often judged from the moment they see your email subject. So, how should you craft a good email subject? Here are some suggestions that I'd like to offer, hoping they will be helpful to you.
Many business practices involve using greeting-type subjects when writing introductory emails, such as "Hello" or "Morning." However, these subjects often fail to capture the clients' interest and might even leave them with an impression of unprofessionalism or impoliteness.
Some foreign traders also tend to include their company names or expressions of interest in cooperation in the subject. However, such subjects might not be suitable for development emails. Clients might not be familiar with your company, and such subjects could lead them to believe the email is just another spammy sales pitch.
So, what kind of subject is the right?

Firstly, the subject should directly address the client's actual needs. For instance, it could be focused on the product that the client is most interested in or highlight competitive advantages and special offers. This not only showcases the supplier's business strategy but also demonstrates a customer-centric perspective, accurately addressing the target client's actual situation and requirements.
Furthermore, different countries have varying preferences for email subjects. Therefore, when choosing a subject, it's important to align with the local customs of the clients you are targeting.

For European clients, concise subjects often work well, and you can directly use the product name and company name, like "Patio Heater – Kim – Scientec." For Indian clients, you might include words like promotion, discount, lowest price, as they are usually sensitive to pricing.
Here are some quality templates for email subject lines that you can consider:

1. Patio Heaters for Outdoor Use
With this kind of subject, clients can immediately understand the practical use of the product, and if they are interested in such products, they might be more willing to open the email.
2. To XXXX
Using the client's name or company name in the subject conveys respect for the client. Remembering someone's name is one of the best ways to show respect. Therefore, including the client's name in the email subject or body is a wise choice.
3. RE: Patio Heaters
This approach involves adding "RE:" at the beginning of the subject. Email systems use this marker to differentiate between replied and unreplied emails. This might make the client think there has been previous communication. The curiosity this strategy sparks could prompt the client to open the email.
However, use this approach carefully, as if the content doesn't match the client's expectations upon opening the email, they might mark your email as spam.
4. We're the Supplier of XXXX
Showcasing collaborations with local competitors or globally known clients in the subject can generate interest. When clients see that you are working with a major company, they might naturally become interested in your products, boosting the email open rate.
5. Regarding XXX, Can you get your questions answered on the spot?
This subject uses a rhetorical question structure. If you want to understand the potential client's current business situation, this template can be very helpful. While concise, this template is highly action-oriented. However, the call to action should be specific and clear to avoid offending the client or causing them to misunderstand your intention.
In conclusion, writing quality emails is not a small task; what seems like a simple task actually requires a considerable effort. To ensure that your clients read the devolopment emails you send, an attention-grabbing subject is crucial, as it's the key to capturing their attention.

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