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This year, traditional foreign trade faces significant challenges, and many foreign trade professionals are actively seeking innovation and transformation. In this context, cross-border e-commerce has become the preferred path for many foreign trade practitioners.

However, the blue ocean in the field of cross-border e-commerce is no longer as vast as before, and now, to succeed in the long run, product selection is crucial. In this article, we will explore how to find the right products and the strategies for product selection. We hope that through this article, you will gain valuable insights.
Amazon provides several useful tools, including Amazon bestseller, Amazon most wished for, Amazon gift ideas,Amazon new release,etc.
Let's focus on a few:
'Amazon bestseller' refers to products that are selling like hotcakes on Amazon. This means that these products may face intense competition, so selection these products can be challenging.

'Amazon most wished for' represents items that users have placed in their shopping carts, indicating their intent to purchase but haven't done so for various reasons. You can consider whether these products have the potential for price reductions or promotions to attract these potential customers.

'Amazon gift ideas' refers to popular gift lists on Amazon. If your product is similar to certain gift items, you can check out this list, pay special attention to user reviews, and then, considering your product's quality, price, and features, look for opportunities for optimization.

'Amazon new release' showcases the top-selling new products on Amazon within the last 24 hours. If your product happens to be among them, entering the market early may be advantageous for your business growth.  

Google Trends
Google Trends is a search trend analysis tool that I frequently use. With this tool, we can observe the search trend graph for a particular product over a specified period. This helps me determine whether a product has seasonality, whether it has been trending in recent times, and whether there's recent growth.
For example, let's take "led light" as an example. By querying this term, we can see the search volume trend in the UK over the past two years. Although the search volume has decreased over the past two years, we can see from the chart that the search peaks occur around November each year. Therefore, if you plan to market your product 1-2 months in advance, you might get more traffic during the peak season.

Google Trends allows you to compare up to 5 products and their search volumes for different keywords. By focusing on the product with the highest search volume, you can naturally attract more traffic than other users.
If you plan to build a brand, don't just focus on seasonality but also consider product stability. Most products should aim for consistent orders rather than "no orders for six months and then a surge of orders for the next six months."
Instagram Hashtags
Instagram is not only a platform for sharing images but also an excellent place to discover new products and creativity. You can use Instagram's Hashtags feature to find relevant tags, thereby identifying specific markets and potential users for your products.
Moreover, you can use tags like '#want' or '#buy' to find potential buyers. Be sure to check user comments to understand their product reviews and whether they have an intent to purchase. Combining this with Google Trends data will help you assess whether the product is suitable for the market.
These tools should be used in combination to be most effective. It's not about having many tools but about being familiar with and flexibly using them.

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